The Topeka Capitol Journal provided the first published review for Brown Enough.  “Not a traditional memoir, the book is technically a work of fiction.  It is sourced by the author’s memory and news clippings from the Emporia Gazette.  Actual stories of the games along with historical accounts of the life and times of the mid-50s are included in the book.”

The article continues, “The aging African-American manager of the Brown Bombers found Ohm ‘Brown Enough’ to join the team as a much needed pitcher.  The story centers around a single white boy playing on an all-black team.  The social situation described in the book turns out not that much different than it is today, some 62 years later.

This article was published on July 8, 2018, and included a fine color photograph of the author.  The first formal signing on Friday, July 6, was in the North Topeka Art District and was a success.


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